Wallets allow users to store, receive and transfer ARK-based cryptoassets in a secure and convenient manner. Each wallet has its own unique public address as well as a private key that you will need to keep safe should you ever require access to your wallet via another device and/or service provider.


You may create or import any ARK-based wallet into ARKVault in a few simple steps.

Every new wallet you create possesses its own unique 24-word BIP39 mnemonic recovery phrase. You will need to keep this safe and store it securely since access to your recovery credentials means access to your wallets and their associated assets.

It is also possible to encrypt and store wallet credentials using a BIP-38 password. This allows you to transfer funds from your wallet using only the encryption password itself while your recovery credentials remain secure and out of reach of malicious third parties.


Losing your 24-word passphrase means you will no longer have access to your wallet as well as any funds attached to it. Never share your recovery phrase and always ensure that you can access your recovery details should you ever need to reload or import your wallet(s).

The following links will provide you with all the information you need to set up and use wallets in ARKVault:

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