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The ARK Public Network (APN) is a sovereign blockchain with a native cryptoasset called ARK. It is based on the Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism with 51 active Delegates that serve to secure the network. The following information will explain how block commissions work on the APN as well as how you can participate and potentially earn a portion of the commissions by becoming an active Delegate or voting for a Delegate with your ARK coins. The following information covers:

Block Commissions

The APN is a sovereign blockchain validated by 51 active Delegates.

Key Facts:

  • Each Delegate submits one (1) block per round
  • Each round consists of 51 blocks
  • Each block on the APN has a block time of 8 seconds
  • Each block awards the active Delegate that submits the block a ‘block commission’ of 2 ARK along with any transaction fees from that block
  • Block commissions function as inflationary coins, meaning the total supply of ARK increases by 2 ARK every block. This serves as a form of consistent inflation that diminishes over time due to the non-fluctuating rate of commissions
  • No ‘halvings’ of block commissions occur on the APN
  • On the APN, 100% of the block commission goes to the Delegate

The block commissions and transaction fees serve as a form of payment for the service provided to the network on behalf of the voters who have delegated their influence to the Delegate and entrusted them with the security and reliability of the network.

Voting on the ARK Public Network

The APN uses voting as a form of staking. To vote for a Delegate and delegate your influence to them, there is no need to lock your coins. This gives ARK holders more freedom and access to their coins while still allowing them to participate in network governance.


Learn more about voting by visiting the Voting page.

Commissions Sharing on the ARK Public Network

As previously stated, active Delegates receive block commissions and transaction fees as a reward for successfully reporting a given block. The combination of the 2 ARK block commission along with any fees is referred to as the total reward. On the APN, many Delegates choose to take a small commission from the total rewards and share the remaining After Commission Rewards (ACR) with their voters.


Different Delegates offer different proposals in exchange for your vote. You will notice both public and private Delegates. You will also notice that some of these Delegates share commissions and/or services while others do not. For more information about ARK Delegates and their contributions, visit .

You can also view current APN Delegates by using the official Delegate Monitor located within ARKScan .

Become a Delegate

Some ARK holders want to involve themselves more directly and actively participate in the network rather than delegate their influence to a third party. We encourage anyone interested in becoming a Delegate to read our full guides on How to Register or Resign a Delegate and Installing a Core Node so that they understand what they require in order to become a Delegate.


Join us on Discord to ask questions and find out more from our community of contributors and active Delegates.

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